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Submitted by: Anonymous

Submitted by: Anonymous

Anonymous asked: I saw your ask about "find out who brother Zach was" I'm pretty sure it was Jem not Will and is explained towards the end and epilogue of Clockwork Princess

I personally have not read The Infernal Devices completely yet, so I don’t know much about them. But thank you anon! Maybe this will help others

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I’m going to try something here.

So as you all can probably tell I’ve been having issues keeping up with this blog, but I still want to keep it. So I’ve been thinking about getting a co-owner to help me run it. If you’re interested just answer the stuff below and send me a message HERE.

Have you read TMI/TID/both?

Why you would like to help?:
Do you have photoshop?:
Are you good at basic photoshop stuff?:
Will you be able to check this blog at least once a week?:
Anything else I should know?:
Do you follow my other blog?(*note* you do not have to):

*You should be following me in order to get chosen.*

So it’s summer guys, and I’m back and posting your submissions today, as many as I can! I have a few in my inbox, but feel free to submit (here or here) any ideas if you have them! 

(be sure to check and make sure your idea is not already done though!)